Turf Gamechanger is not just a range of machines, it’s a completely new method for maintaining turf. While TGC was born on a golf course, the method is suitable for maintaining all high-quality turfs.

Turf Gamechanger maintain

The key part of Turf Gamechanger is the patented hopper, the volume ratios of which change as the work progresses. This allows up to eight different stages of maintenance work in one run.

8different stages of maintenance work in one run

Collecting waste

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Hopper with variable volume

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Top dressing material

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Aerating/Hollow coring/Verticutting

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Top dressing

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7The unique seven-wheel chassis design doesn’t strain sensitive turf surfaces.


With TGC, many of the maintenance activities can be combined and done at the same time, which means they support each other. When all the necessary tasks can be done in one run, the turf won’t be degraded by extra runs. Also, the settings of the machines are automatically adjusted based on data from GNSS positioning, which significantly improves quality. The equipment is versatile and can be combined in different ways to allow work to be done exactly as it should be at any given time, without restrictions from a fixed setup.


Reduction of separate tasks has the immediate effect of a reduction in energy consumption. When the entire course is regularly analyzed, leading to a chance to adjust the machine’s settings efficiently, the use of fertilizers, irrigation water, and other products can be optimized, saving resources. This revolutionary change in methodology is somewhat comparable with how logging in forestry has changed from the 1970s to the present, but – with current technology – this change in turf maintenance will happen within the space of just a few years’ time.


The Turf Gamechanger method cuts course maintenance costs by more than a third. The need to acquire new machinery will be significantly reduced, their utilization rate will improve, and fuel and maintenance costs will decrease. When up to eight different stages of maintenance work can be combined, reducing the need for logistics by less than half, more time is freed up for golfers to be on the course.



The patented unit – which includes a loader and multi-purpose trailer – takes care of the efficient transport of materials in return loads.


Both standard machines can be equipped with quick-release mowers for cutting fairways, first cut of rough, and primary rough.


Composting and reusing waste materials, such as core and verticutting waste, returns top dressing materials and nutrients back to recycling, saving both the environment and costs.


Renovation of a golf course usually costs millions and takes years.
Turf Gamechanger offers a unique method that can replace the actual renovation with continuous renewal and achieve the same result as rebuilding. The method is inexpensive and does not cause any disturbances or inconveniences to the golf players.

  • Restoring course shapes
  • Thatch layer management
  • Soil improvement
  • Reshaping surfaces
  • Sub-surface and surface drainage
  • Finishing and seeding the new course

Repair, completion, and reconstruction of drainage and irrigation pipelines.

Rebuilding of greens, teeing areas, and obstacles.


Using this futuristic method, all machines will collect measurement data tied to GNSS positioning and send it to the back-end system. The data are processed and returned to the machines in the form of operating instructions and settings adjustments.

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