Turf Gamechanger is not just a range of machines, it’s a completely new method for maintaining turf. Turf Gamechanger is not just a range of machines; it’s a completely new, superior method for maintaining turf that saves costs and reduces the environmental impact of turf maintenance.

Turf Gamechanger

Both Maintain and Transfer have a patented hopper that allows the management of both hollow coring or verticutting and top-dressing material.


8different stages of maintenance work in a single run,

A turf maintenance machine that performs up to 8 different stages of maintenance work in a single run, including cutting, hollow coring/verticutting, grass collection, seeding, top-dressing, fertilizing, brushing, and rolling.

Collecting waste

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Hopper with variable volume

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Top dressing material

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Aerating/Hollow coring/Verticutting

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Top dressing

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The logistics unit formed by Payloader and Trailer, a handy and self-loading transporter of loads. Performs most of the maintenance work independently when needed.


Maintain can work almost without interruption while Transfer takes care of the logistics. The patented load-changing method is fast: Maintain unloads core or verticutting waste to the back of Trailer’s hopper, while at the same time Trailer transports the sand from its front to the back of Maintain’s hopper.

Trailer can be removed, loaded, and secured quickly. The large bucket opening from the bottom simplifies loading work.

On the course, Maintain unloads the core or verticutting waste to the back of Trailer’s hopper. At the same time, Trailer moves the sand from its front to the back of Maintain’s hopper.


The Power unit is equipped with a 5-unit front mower and a 6-unit rear mower. This means that with its capacity of up to 11-units, the power of Mower is equivalent to up to three 5-unit light mowers. Automatic steering, both when driving straight and doing a finishing run, ensures full working width utilization, and the high working width and small turning circle ensure fast turns.




A standard machine that is able to perform many tasks. The 7-wheel chassis ensures load consistency and a low surface pressure even when handling very high loads.


A quick-release loading unit makes Power a powerful loader. It acts as a loader and engine for the Transfer, as well as a general machine for the courses, able to operate with any three-point hitch-attached equipment.


Booms with a bucket rotator comparable to a 3-tonne track excavator can be attached to Power.


Can a golf course really be restored to its original glory without closing it for years and investing millions? Absolutely! All the factors that lead to the need for renovation are identifiable and the TGC method can counter them without interrupting or even significantly interfering with play, and, moreover, do all this cost-effectively!

The most difficult and costly—and unfortunately very common—problems to overcome are dents, which may be numerous and collect water on the fairways. Often the greens and teeing grounds also change their shape. What is the solution of the TGC method? Effective deep aeration is used to raise the surface of the playing area, and the resulting holes are immediately filled with either sand or a mixture of compost and sand produced as a result of the method. The surface can be raised by 2—3 cm in one turn. Following a systematic regime allows for a lot of changes to the turf surface. The automation based on GNSS allows both course mapping and accurate alignment of operations.

Improved maintenance and continuous renewal will make renovation unnecessary in the future and will prevent the creation of maintenance debt.

Sometimes you may want to change the course layout. The Turf Gamechanger machines combined with earthworks equipment are ideal for building and repairing individual elements such as greens, teeing grounds and obstacles. Booms with a bucket rotator comparable to a 3-tonne track excavator can be attached to Power. The ability to operate the excavator remotely makes it possible to work up to a very high level of detail. The excavation hoppers that can be attached to both Trailer and Power make both machines powerful and convenient dumpers that are extremely helpful in the turf.

What is machine control?

Earthworks equipment usually comes equipped with machine control. Plans are fed into the system and GNSS positioning compares the position of the dozer blade or the cutting edge of an excavator to the desired level. Turf Gamechanger either integrates machine control to its automation as applicable, or allows a Plug-and-Play connection of a rented machine control system.

Repair or replacement of pipes and other technologies is part of the course renewal. TGC provides an effective but gentle platform to perform these tasks on a course while it is in operation.


The TGS method has a significant positive impact on the environment. Reducing the number of machines and individual tasks saves both natural resources and fuel. Thanks to automation, the amount of nutrients and irrigation water can be optimized—and, at the same time, quality improves.

Machine sensors continuously provide
information on the status of the flora and soil throughout the course, down to the accuracy of a single nutrient. The data collected allows the creation of accurate maintenance maps, guiding upkeep, fertilizing routines, and other maintenance activities.

Continuous adjustment based on data from GNSS positioning enables more accurate dosing practices, reducing wastage. The right amount of dosing is always targeted at exactly the right places.

Continuous analysis of the moisture levels helps to focus irrigation, i.e. to save water during daily watering. In the long term, it helps prevent fluctuation in the need for watering. The machines using the TGC method are ideal for adding moisture-absorbing materials directly to the root layer where moisture is needed. Dosing can be done by means of automation and the watering carried out during other maintenance work. Precision farming, familiar from agriculture, is now being brought to golf courses and it is even more efficient and effective there thanks to a shorter maintenance cycle.


Fiber layer control is traditionally challenging due to the several separate steps involved. In addition, current methods can be inefficient, with the verticutter having a tendency to clog up or some aeration routes getting blocked during the application and brushing of top dressing material.

The TGC method combines fiber removal, waste collection, fertilizing, topdressing, brushing, and, if necessary, sowing, and other maintenance work into a single process. This not only generates savings by combining work phases and performing the necessary tasks in one run, but also provides improvements in quality. When the work stages are merged, the linked work performed on several machines does not reduce the effectiveness of the previous work stage.

When the core or verticutting waste has been collected, it is already in its intended logistics chain, and the compost process can be started during the unloading phase of the Transfer without any additional work phases.

The waste is discharged via a conveyor belt at the back of the hopper, allowing the compost accelerator and any other products supporting the process to be added evenly into the waste. When the waste is composted and later mixed with sand, the sand contained in the collected waste is recycled.

Maintain and Trailer also form a simple and efficient mixing station where, in addition to compost and sand, up to four different fertilizers or other products can be added to the material. This will provide the desired soil and top dressing material.


While this method reduces the costs of course maintenance by one third, as well as increasing revenue, it is not the most important thing in the overall context.

The key benefit of the Turf Gamechanger method is the ability to perform maintenance work better and exactly as the golf course superintendent wants it to be done. The available machinery no longer limits combining of different work stages for more optimized routines. Automation and the versatile design of the machines allow for targeted maintenance of even the smallest areas with precision, and products can be delivered directly into the soil if desired. The number of on-site maintenance machines is reduced and the maintenance work is completed significantly faster, thus keeping the course open for as long as possible.

Over and above all these benefits, perhaps most importantly, TGC revolutionizes turf maintenance through its entirely new holistic approach, where continuous analysis of data is integrated with the full range of groundskeeping activities to create efficient, cost-effective and superior outcomes.


TURF GAMECHANGER WILL RENT THE MACHINES FOR THREE YEARS, after which they are returned to the life cycle update and to the preventive maintenance under the ReLife program. The machine’s remote diagnostics support its daily operation, monitoring the need for maintenance and assessing cumulative usage. It also provides immediate support for customers in case of problems.

The cost can also be partly calculated based on the number of hours spent using different equipment configurations, which means that the customer does not have to pay for features that are not used. Customers of the TGC method have the possibility to rent all existing attachments so that short-term work can also be done with the best possible equipment.

The transition to the TGC method is flexible. If you want to complement your existing equipment or choose the TGC option instead of modernizing your old equipment only for some of the machines, it is not necessary to acquire both standard machines and all the equipment right away.

For example, if you want to focus on renovation, Transfer can be equipped with the equipment it needs, and it can work completely independently. Instead of changing the fairway mowers, you can buy the Power unit with the mowers and get a powerful mower for first cut of rough and a superior turf area mower that can take advantage of all the equipment already on the course.

Trailer can be connected to a tractor like a topdresser, and the transition to the new method can be started with it.


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