Cost savings

Running a golf course means running a business, and managing costs while increasing profitability is at the heart of sustainable, thriving business. With the TGC method, you can reduce course maintenance costs by a third – and nothing stops you from keeping the course open 24/7 if you so wish.

Save purchasing costs by optimising consumption.

Save equipment costs by acquiring a single solution to do the work of eight different traditional machines.

Save staff costs by using the TGC method to maintain your course more efficiently.

Increase profitability by extending opening hours and number of games by improving the efficiency of course maintenance and renovation.

Advanced course management translates into better profit

The key benefit of the Turf Gamechanger method is the ability to perform maintenance work better and exactly as the golf course superintendent wants it to be done. Different machines are no longer in the way of combining different work phases.

Automation and the versatile design of the machines allow for targeted maintenance of even the smallest areas with precision, and products can be delivered directly into the soil if desired. The number of on-site maintenance machines is reduced, and the maintenance work is completed significantly faster, thus freeing up more time for the actual playing.

The continuous analysis of data is integrated with the full range of groundskeeping activities to start a development process that will lead to a holistic approach to turf maintenance, with all the work phases supporting each other – in turn leading to more profitable business.

Advanced course management translates into better profit

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