Playing experience

Better games with better course maintenance. The TGC method keeps the focus on the ball and brings a smile to the players’ faces, as they can all enjoy an uninterrupted playing experience. This is, perhaps, the most significant benefit the TGC course maintenance method brings. 

And, oh right, you can also wave goodbye to course renovation works.

Course renovation needs are history when the next-generation machines are brought in to maintain the course in a superior way, and they are even capable of improving the turf surface.

The game will never be interrupted when course maintenance is managed efficiently by utilising automation and the data gathered by smart machines.

The Club’s players enjoy their games more when the course is in a better shape.

Renovation works are history

Can a golf course really be restored to its original glory without closing it for years and investing millions? Absolutely!

All the factors that lead to the need for renovation are identifiable and the TGC method can address them without interrupting or even significantly interfering with play, and, moreover, do all this cost-effectively!

Improved maintenance and continuous renewal will make renovation unnecessary in the future and will prevent maintenance needs from piling up.

Renovation works are history

Continuous, efficient maintenance helps avoid problems

The most difficult and costly – and unfortunately very common – problem to overcome are dents, which may be numerous and collect water on the fairways. Often, the greens and teeing grounds also change their shape.

The effective deep aeration of the TGC method can be used to raise the surface of the playing area where needed, and the resulting holes are immediately filled with either sand or a mixture of compost and sand produced as a result of using the TGC method.

The surface can be raised by 1–2cm in one turn. Following a systematic regime allows for a lot of changes to the turf surface. The automation based on GNSS allows for both course mapping and accurate allocation of work.

If you DO need something to be renewed...

People do love occasional change, and therefore sometimes changes to the course layout are required. Previously, this would have meant expensive renovation works.

The machines of the TGC method, combined with earthworks equipment, are ideal for building and repairing individual elements such as greens, teeing grounds and obstacles. Booms with a bucket rotator comparable to a 3-tonne track excavator can be attached to Power. The ability to operate the excavator remotely makes it possible to work up to a very high level of detail.

The excavation hoppers that can be attached to both Trailer and Power make both machines powerful and convenient dumpers that are extremely helpful in the turf while treating it gently.

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